Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This Saturday!

Just a reminder to everyone that I Will Fly will have a booth at the IndieSacramento craft show this Saturday from 10am-3pm! They will give you cupcakes if you come, apparently, and how can you beat that?
As for me personally I will have new never before seen items for sale, plus discounts on stuff. that is right, ladies and gents, I am selling stockings for a sale price, some of my new items at less than the online price will be, AND I'll pay your sales taxes for you. Yep! I really will!
That, my friends, is a sweet dang deal.
It looks like the fashion show there were rumours of isn't going to happen. But just think of the opportunity that leaves you to eat cupcakes and drink cocoa and browse fabulous crafter's tables distraction free!

The entire Etsy shop is going to be on hiatus while I am at the craft show, and some things may sell there and never be seen again. Just a word to the wise ;)

See you there!

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