Wednesday, March 4, 2009

thinking outside the box

Often, the design process involves more than a little thinking outside the proverbial box. Here's an exercise in creative thinking for you.
I found these interesting sequined appliques at the local fabric shop the other day (okay, month. I have had them on hold since then. Anyway.) Above you see what the applique looks like in the manufacturer's packaging, right way up. Hmm. Interesting. Maybe a little Egyptian. Okay, yes. Fine. But what do you DO with something like that? Here was my solution:

Wings! Anyone who knows me knows I'm pretty crazy for anything wing-related. Angel wings and fairy wings and what have you. Just look at the name of my shop! I have several shirts with wings on the shoulders. I have often considered getting a wing tattoo but I'm too chicken. So, anyhow, with a few careful snips with my embroidery scissors and a quick flip-over this interesting if not terribly useful applique became something I could actually USE. The back of a jacket, maybe? Or the sides of something? How about attached to hair pins for a smashing nineteen twenties look? I haven't actually decided yet.
What other fabulous ways could you recreate the world around you from the pieces you are given?

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