Monday, May 4, 2009

Long time passing...

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I haven't posted (or listed!) anything in what seems like ages!
I have been busy trying to clean house for guests and getting myself and my husband ready for his little sister's wedding.
I've also been taking motorcycle lessons (yep, almost there! I am going to buy a scooter now! Exciting!), and working at the fabric shop a little more than I would like to.
I am sewing, though, I promise! I am working on a corset right now that has become one of those never-ending projects. It just never stops! At a certain point I'm just going to have to call it good and stop messing with it!
Anyhow, I had planned on posting this cute yellow top that I made several months back but couldn't find it anywhere. I was afraid that maybe I had thrown it away on accident. Yesterday, though, when I was getting my dress shoes out of the closet for the wedding I found it! It had just fallen off it's hanger and dropped onto my shoe boxes. Of course, I had searched the closet time and again for it, I just never looked down!

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