Saturday, July 4, 2009

random projects

glass beach earrings
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Because my hands hurt all the time I'm not really in the mood for much extracurricular sewing. But watching TV is boring, you know?
Here's a random project I just made for myself.
The post earrings my top piercings were made with had recently lost the ugly little pink rhinestones that were prong set into them. It seemed a real waste to throw them out, they are real gold and have locking backs so they can be worn all the time without falling off, which is nice.
My husband suggested I put beach glass in them the next time we went to the coast which reminded me of another broken piece of jewelry I owned. The tiny glass bottle necklace pendant I had filled with beach glass and pottery last year had recently fallen to it's demise on the linoleum floor! So, a little careful bending with a pair of pliers, and a little dab of high-strength glue and ta-da!
New earrings from old broken jewelry!

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