Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Long time no post

Ahoy! It's been a long while since the last update, but I'm still around!
Here to take your economic blues away is my latest creation: the Dread Pirate Roberta (just Roberta to her friends) bloomers!
The fabric shop I work in got a bolt of fun black chiffon woven with alternating sheer and satin stripes a while ago. I was trying for ages to come up with a good project to use it in, when inspiration struck! So here is what I did with it!
For the photos I took my inspiration from my apartment's brothel past and dressed them up with a vintage night gown and matching tights (that I had around from ballet lessons long past).
In other news, I am selling off my collection of corset patterns in the destash shop (I bought them back when I was first learning to make corsets but never used any of them, so I may as well send them off to people who will!) and adding more of my mom's fabulous silk creations as well. Check us out!

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