Thursday, November 13, 2008


Thanks braille notecards
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One of the best things about having a second shop on Etsy is being able to use it to sell things I wouldn't otherwise list.
I enjoy making things, creating. Sewing and fashion are surely some of my greatest loves, but it gets a little dull doing the same thing day in and day out. I make things, just... things.
I draw and paint and decoupage and write. I knit and make doll clothes and decorate the sidewalk with chalk. There are a million ways to incorporate my love of art into my life (though sadly, the skill to make music has passed me by) and having the destash store allows me to showcase some of my creations that aren't fashion related.
Here is my latest. I spent far too long last night and this morning figuring out exactly how to cut the cards, align the brailler, and design the envelopes for these. They are teeny tiny note cards that I made from blue card stock paper and typed "thanks" on to with my braille typewriter. I send out similar cards in my packages to customers, and thought it would be fun to share!
I am planning on doing pink ones that say "love" for Valentine's day, and yellow ones that say "joy". I will probably also make a run of "hope" cards next October and donate the proceeds to breast cancer research. My braille typewriter was passed down to me from my Godmother, Elizabeth, who passed away from breast cancer about 13 years ago.
Look for these in the destash shop early next week!

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