Sunday, February 17, 2008

Never ending work pile

This is my current to-do projects list. A lot of these have been in the works for a very long time, but something more interesting will come up and I will push priority two projects down the list, sometimes mid-construction. It keeps me making the things I am inspired to create, rather than the things I "should" create, so in a way, it's all good:

1) put snaps on navy blouse and take pictures, post to etsy (will be putting on the snaps today, but with the photographer (*ahem*husband*ahem*) laid up in bed with what must be bronchitis, pictures are gonna have to wait.)

2) finish navy cuff (I wanted to make one, I ended up somehow making the bodies of two. Which doesn't help as I only have embellishments for ONE.)

3) finish ivory lace bridal corset. This is a gorgeous one, guys. The same Tudor shape as the Anne Boney corset, but in ivory silk taffeta overlayed with incredible hand beaded European lace. I have the pieces mostly cut and the underlining/lining is assembled as well as the bone casings, I just sort of haven't figured out how to actually create the overlay yet. But it will be extremely lovely, if I can con a model into wearing it for me so I can take some pictures (doesn't fit me worth a damn, of course)

4) custom bra prototypes. I need to find 5-6 inch wide stretch lace for this, which is proving very difficult, even on line. I can get red and purple, but no black or white. I am still hoping that the local store I shop/work at will reorder it, but even though I requisitioned it, no go (yet).

5) personal project: a shirt for my dad's birthday, which is May 3rd.

and various projects I want to do but haven't gotten to yet, may or may not change in conception:

-"Marion" hooded shrug in dark brown wool lined with green, edged with old gold (possibly) paint work.
- rework hem of off-white lace wedding gown (you can see it on my flikr page) and post to Etsy.
- several personal projects including a lincoln green linen blouse, a chemise of lady bug print charmeuse, a skirt and vest set of lovely striped wool/silk/poly blend.
-Some more ruffle cuffs, vaguely sort of inspired by watching too many very old movies set in the 1700s, and a pair of gothy-cuffs vaguely inspired by poker. BUT the poker cuffs have to wait until after I get the nasty after taste of "Casino Royale" out of my mouth (James Bond doesn't wear chinos and Hawaiian shirts, period).
- "branded lady" (?) a blouse similar in style to the navy blouse (and several others I've made over the last year or so) in pink slightly stretchy pima cotton with a front ruffle and sort of tie-back at the waist, gold buttons, and a gold Fleur De Lis on the back left shoulder. Inspired by the Three Musketeers and their beautiful yet devious lady.
-I want to do some bloomers and chemises and such, and an underbust corset of white and black striped floral-printed featherguard pillow ticking.
-I also want to make some A-line ruffle-hemmed skirts, possibly on a custom basis. These are awesome for summer, as I make them with broadcloth and such so they are easy wear and wash. But I don't really need any of them right now, which makes creating a prototype a trick (if I was selling at a boutique I could get rid of my prototypes there, and that would be fabulous!)

I also have a bunch of stuff that I have never taken pictures of and posted, but need to get around to, including:

-black lace kimono
-celestial print yukata (kimono)
-two black shirts in large sizes, one with an apple appliqué, one with a tropical flower appliqué. these shirts will go straight into the sale section, as they were made for a fashion show and I am trying to get rid of them ASAP.

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