Thursday, March 6, 2008

everything old is new again

I am near the end (hah hah! there is NO END) of a project that just seems to be going on forever. So I was searching around in my head for something ELSE to work on for a while.
The husband and I went to a concert last weekend featuring Lemony Snicket on accordion, and that reminded me of a corset I had started something like three years ago that is covered in this fabulous lemon printed fabric. So I went searching for it and while I was digging through tupperware containers full of fabric and such I came across my second corset obi, which is almost finished, actually, a cream silk covered in ivory lace. Both of these projects just need bindings and grommets and embellishments and such. I started them both at about the same time and just never got around to finishing them because the binding was very picky on both of them.
Anyhow, I am posting them here to remind myself to get these done, now. I think it's about time!

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