Monday, March 24, 2008

wedding FEVER, yo!

Chloe hair clips
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Etsy has been running it's wedding series, and I've decided to try listing a few things in the Weddings category to see how things are looking over there these days. This first item is a bit of an experiment.

My Great-Nana was something of a bling bling fan, though of course she thought she was being terribly elegant and continental about it. Rhinestones were in, okay? I had a few of her rhinestone pieces that I was given as a child. A fabulous brooch of green and clear stones that was snow-flake shaped that I wore on my coat lapel until one of the big green stones dropped out (I was devastated! They are, of course, a size/shape/color that Swarovski no longer makes), a pair (though I seem to only have one now) of clip-on earrings that I wore as a necklace pendant on my wedding day, and this long crazy strip of rhinestone trim. It's three stones wide, held together with quickly deteriorating string, and has no easily detectable use or purpose. It's just a strip of stones. I have always loved it, though not known what on Earth to do with it.
I bought myself a pack of hair clippies, which just happened to come in a pack of 4. I was looking at the fabric store I work at for some trim to use on them when I realized that the EXACT SAME TRIM was already at home waiting for me, just slightly aged and mellowed with the years, in my old junk jewelry tin!
So here we are, a set for me and a set for Etsy... and a bunch of trim left over for playing with and making more projects.

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