Saturday, March 22, 2008

Workin' hard or hardly workin'?

Don't you hate it when people say that to you?
Yep, I'm right in the midst of several projects. I started yet another bridal item tonight after work (a shrug). I am working on finishing up the bridal corset obi that I started several years ago, but realized that it's working out to be another one of those endless projects that keeps having just ONE MORE THING to deal with. So I had to put it aside for an instant-gratification project.
In other news the store's been in a bit of a March slump, which has me realizing why big retail stores always have March Madness sales this time of year. I've also been very very ill for the last two weeks, and am just pulling out of my latest stomach flu as we speak (or as I type, I suppose). So there isn't much new and exciting to report.
Anyhow, new items on the way, next week at the earliest (depending on how much sun I've got after work, for picture taking purposes).
Happy Spring-type holidays to you all!

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