Friday, June 13, 2008

How about "Alberto"?

My new machine
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My new sewing machine was delivered this morning! Here it is!
It's pretty much the same machine as my old one, but is shiny and new so at least there is a possibility of it not breaking down horribly on a regular basis. Here's hopin'!
Now I just need to name it. My machines serve me better if they have a name. My Viking conventional machine is El Machino (named after the tortilla machine at a Mexican restaurant), the machine I used in the sewing lab in college was Astra. The Pfaff that was passed down to me through my grandmother and mom is Mr. Pfaff (or just Mr. P)
I was almost thinking of a studly young dude name, like Raul or Roberto, because it's replacing a much older model, but then I don't know if I want a boy machine this time or not.
Any ideas?

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