Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I vont to be alone

Greta shrug again
Originally uploaded by I Will Fly design
If you've ever wondered what I look like as a silent film star, there you go.
If not, at least check out the Greta shrug, which I made after being inspired by a rather horrible dress in a 1946 "3 Stooges" movie, of all things. This shrug, I should point out, is nothing whatsoever like that dress (and the movie was just abysmal, but let's not go there ;P).
It's all silk, silk velvet lined in silk satin, and is so amazing to wear. Holy mackerel, if you haven't been wearing silk, you don't know what you are missing. Cool, soft, smooth... silky (if you can believe that) but so very unlike almost anything you have ever heard described as "silky".
Polyester has got nothing on silk worms, man. Natural fibers are where it's at!

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