Thursday, July 3, 2008

experiments in paper

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I am experimenting with ways to make my business cards more eye catching and less boring. To give them a little handmade edge, but not look like I just used mom's color printer to make them (*cough*).
For these I had intended to do something very different, but it didn't work out so I was stuck with a sheet of white plain paper cards and nothing else.
I decoupaged a sheet of card stock with pages from a fashion magazine and then took it to work, covertly chopping it up with the paper cutter when no one was looking. Then I glued the white paper cards to the front. In future, as I like the idea quite a bit, I will probably just print the wording directly onto the pink cardstock so they look better. But I don't actually own a printer so I figured I had better use what I had around :/
It sure was a lot of work!

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