Saturday, July 26, 2008

how about that local sports team?

corset-back bra
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The problem with blogging is that, after you've come to terms with the idea that you may only be talking to yourself, you then have to come to terms with the fact that you don't have much to SAY to yourself.

Here is one of this week's projects. The natural next step after the functional itty bitty bras. A super sexy one with corset laces up the back. Maybe not as useful to wear to work, but the husband's reaction was FABULOUS.
I was quite proud of my little ribbon straps, which were fairly simple to create, but I had never done it before so I was pleased with the result.

As I am going into crazy 6-day-work-week mode for the next month I will not have as much time to work on things for the shop, so I am trying to get a little bit of a head start. I have two things ready to post, so that will at least get me through the next week or two. After that I have a lovely red wool shrug I am working on, as well as a couple of others that would like to be made. A grey tweed for Autumn, and a super secret one that I am keeping to myself until it's ready to post!

After August, with any luck, I'll be cutting back to four day work weeks, which should at least give me a chance to focus a bit more on production as the gift-giving season kicks into full swing.

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