Saturday, August 9, 2008

weekend, wow!

I have two whole days off from my day jobs! In a ROW! It's amazing. It hardly ever happens, and certainly not without my begging for it and having terribly important family obligations to attend to. So, a weekend off work without asking is pretty amazing.
Today I went shopping at the Jo-Ann's Fabrics that is closing up it's current location (we used to call it "ghetto Jo-Anns") and moving into a massive superstore complex on a much busier, much more upscale street. While I am not generally in favor of mega-chain superstore fabric shops on principle, I will admit to shopping there once in a while for things I cannot get at the locally-owned store I work for (aside from the "they'll run the little guys out of town!" feeling, honestly the shop I work for has better prices). Namely upholstery thread and steam-a-seam, as well as bra sliders and rings.
While I didn't come away from their sale with any of the things I was looking for, I did find two fabulous new fabrics that are crying out to be projects (though the husband has laid claim to the cool steampunky clock face fabric for boxers :P) Sooo, look for something awesome with metallic stripes... coming soon to an Etsy shop near you!

Here was my other task for the day, taking photos of the red hoody shrug I am posting next week. Is cute.

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