Sunday, September 14, 2008

a cup of kindness, yet

Here's the latest and greatest, a holiday (maybe) party dress! About a year ago I had the idea for a... something... in tan or beige with a black lace and deep red ruffle. It went through several incarnations, from a skirt to a top to a totally different dress, but this is what I finally decided on and I am quite happy with the result. The neckline ties with a wide strip of silk used as a drawstring, so it can be worn high up at your neck or down lower as you choose (I personally like it high). It reminds me of the sun setting in Nevada or Arizona. Maybe a cocktail party at a swanky club overlooking the desert.
Tomorrow we leave for our beach camping vacation and our hopefully romantic second wedding anniversary (you never know, it could be raining cats and dogs the whole time)! I will post the Time Traveler vest to Etsy when I get back (I'm afraid of having too many custom listings active when I go out of town for a week!) and I will also be working on a custom order, a pink bridal shrug for a lovely lady back east. Hopefully I will have pictures of that to share before too long!

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