Tuesday, September 9, 2008

like sands through the hourglass

The Time Traveler
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Here is my latest made-to-measure item for the Etsy shop. I'm quite taken with the "steampunk" aesthetic, I just wish there was more variety in the offerings these days, so here is my little vest, inspired by Victorian men's waistcoats. I like the style so much I am sure to be making it in other colors and fabrics. I think silk dupioni would be fabulous on the collar, and maybe a white silk with a beaded collar? Lots of options here.
Another fun thing I wanted to share: for my anniversary gift this year my husband got me (okay, so I picked it out, contacted the seller, and dealt with all the details. It still counts!) a beautiful sterling silver wire wrapped ring set with faceted garnets the color of my wedding gown. It came in the mail today, and I attempted to take a photo of it stacked with my wedding band but had a horrible time of it. Here is a clearer shot, from the seller. Lovely Lori at lucie39.etsy.com made it just for me and I couldn't be happier. She also has some stunning pearl rings that I am in love with, as well as a watermelon tourmaline band that is so pretty it just kills me. Check her out!

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