Tuesday, April 15, 2008

down at the Copa, Copa Cabana...

Here is a prototype for the new panties I am going to be putting in the shop (probably next week). I am making myself a pair of every type, then remaking them for Etsy. Gives me a good amount of practice with each fabric type, lets me experiment with different applications and processes, and gets me some new underpants!
I like this style, as they are real cute bikini-type panties but they have enough booty and ...er... stuff coverage that I don't get a wedgie or flash a bunch of hmm... things.

The husband thinks I need to give all these panties stripper names. This pair is "Lola".


LittleSun said...

very cool
I like your blog and your store.

eva said...

wow, those are amazing, i actually have a jacket nearly precisely in that fabric!! it's rainbow-glitter-bonanza.