Sunday, April 6, 2008

filling in the blanks

Arashi lace kimono
Originally uploaded by I Will Fly design
So this is what I am doing this week:
actually putting kimono into the "KIMONO" section of the Etsy shop! Woo!
I know, quite incredible.
This lace kimono, as well as the celestial print yukata going up later in the week, were both made about three years ago and have been carefully wrapped in bags sitting in my closet.
In November this kimono was shown at the Masked Ball event, but I didn't get many really good shots of it so today my hubby and I went out to the Historic City Cemetery (where we had our first date!), ate a little picnic, wandered through the lovely flowers, and took photos of both of these lovely kimono.
Tres gothique, yes?
I am also now a little bit in love with this picture.

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