Thursday, April 24, 2008

Marry in black

Here are my Miranda cuffs in another fabulous treasuy at Etsy:

This treasury was created by a repeat customer of mine who has been fabulous to work with.
The cuffs were sewn almost entirely during the worst storm of the year, when there was a huge power outage. I stitched them entirely by hand while sitting in the window with a book light to gather as much light as possible. They took forever, but they always remind me of that storm.

Monday, April 21, 2008


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So in an effort to make myself even more polished and professional I present my very first clothing labels! Tres exciting! The nice thing about these ones is that I can use the entire label or cut it off to be smaller or give a different effect. Trying for class? Easy, just roll under the penny farthing part and snip. Limited space? Snip off the "design" or the logo, or both, and still have a serviceable label.
Well, I am excited, anyway :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

diamond bracelets Woolworth's never sell...

Here is the latest addition to the Great Panty Caper 2008.
Now the only problem is that I can't decide whether to simply call them "Meow!" or to name them "Baby" after the Leopard in the Cary Grant movie Bringing Up Baby. Hmmm... probably too obscure.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

down at the Copa, Copa Cabana...

Here is a prototype for the new panties I am going to be putting in the shop (probably next week). I am making myself a pair of every type, then remaking them for Etsy. Gives me a good amount of practice with each fabric type, lets me experiment with different applications and processes, and gets me some new underpants!
I like this style, as they are real cute bikini-type panties but they have enough booty and stuff coverage that I don't get a wedgie or flash a bunch of hmm... things.

The husband thinks I need to give all these panties stripper names. This pair is "Lola".

Monday, April 14, 2008

what did you learn today, honey?

Lily chemise top
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Today I learned that it is nearly impossible to take a picture of your own back side.
You see, I am in the process of experimenting with making panties for the shop. Which is quite a bit of fun. I made myself a pair out of an old geisha shirt. But I am afraid you'll just have to take my word for it, because trying to take a photo was killer.
Today's listing is the Lily chemise top. I really love the teal satin, which I bought knowing I wanted to paint something in black at the hem but not knowing what. While were were out at the cemetery, though, I found a cool old grave marker with a fleur de lis on it, and my last name (it's somehow used as a family crest sort of thing... see, I don't know anything about my married name!) so I took it as inspiration and had my hubby draw me up this beautiful design that I then transfered to the shirt with textile paint.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

What the designer is wearing this year

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The weather report predicts highs near 90 this weekend. I'm not ready for the heat, yet! Blergh!
But it's a good reason to trot out the new summer clothes I made for myself this year. This blouse, I am terribly sorry to admit, was inspired by Lady Marion's wardrobe on the 1980's Robin Of Sherwood BBC series.
It's also put together, as I like to call it "Mom style". Meaning I pretty much just started chopping and sewing and dealt with design issues as they were presented to me... and whatever happened happened.
I <3 my mom!
This shirt was entirely draped in the fashion fabric, using no pattern. The low waist cinches up with a drawstring, the neckline darts around the slightly cowl-shaped neckline are held in place by wooden buttons. The shoulders are my favorite part, I think, they wrap over the shoulder from the back and create a diagonal seam in front.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

party time... excellent!

Celeste summer yukata
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Woooo! I've reached my 20th sale on Etsy!
I also sold that black kimono within a day of listing it! How exciting! I guess I had better finish up some more projects.
The next item going up is the yukata I mentioned in my last post. Then on Monday I will be posting a new chemise top. I have three corsets in the works (those old ones just keep getting pushed aside for newer, greener pastures!), and am considering doing a chemise dress as well in the near future as well as a new collar.
Fun fun!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

filling in the blanks

Arashi lace kimono
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So this is what I am doing this week:
actually putting kimono into the "KIMONO" section of the Etsy shop! Woo!
I know, quite incredible.
This lace kimono, as well as the celestial print yukata going up later in the week, were both made about three years ago and have been carefully wrapped in bags sitting in my closet.
In November this kimono was shown at the Masked Ball event, but I didn't get many really good shots of it so today my hubby and I went out to the Historic City Cemetery (where we had our first date!), ate a little picnic, wandered through the lovely flowers, and took photos of both of these lovely kimono.
Tres gothique, yes?
I am also now a little bit in love with this picture.

Friday, April 4, 2008


"Linda" shell choker
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So, real life right now involves having not one but two repair men in my house starting at 9 o'clock Saturday morning. Sunday will involve a hopefully low-key and sort of fun day with the husband, having a picnic and doing a brief photo-shoot at the historic city cemetery near our home.
Here is the only thing I managed to complete this week that wasn't a custom order. I've been thinking in "wedding" mode lately, and this one looked like the sort of thing that the summer time bride with bare feet and a sundress could pull off to great effect.
Honestly, I just love that seashell fringe, and when I noticed there was hardly any left at the shop I had to grab it as soon as I could!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

rock out with your socks out!

basic measurements
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Oh man! It has been a very busy week over here.
March was very very slow sales-wise, until the last few days, and since then I have been running like a wild thing trying to keep up!
Out the door went my Musee chemise top, a custom-fit Sailing To Heaven blouse, the Jenny wedding dress, and the Midnight in Paradise ruffle skirt. Rapid-fire sales! Exciting and overwhelming all at the same time!
I feel like, oh good heavens could it actually be? A FASHION DESIGNER.
Also, also? I made cupcakes yesterday and then discovered a family of mourning doves nesting in my planter box on the patio.
Spring has officially sprung!

I know the shop is starting to look a bit like Mother Hubbard's cupboard, but never fear! I have a few new projects that I'll be working on over the next few days, and on Sunday or Monday should be listing a lovely black lace kimono among other lovelies.