Sunday, December 5, 2010

Farewell to Autumn

Well, it's almost Winter now, and time for all the holiday craziness. This December I will be attempting to take my driver's license exam for the first time (ugh) in between all the rest of the things that life throws at you this time of year. The weather has finally changed in my little warm corner of the world, and the trees are in brilliant Fall colors!
The Etsy shop has been doing booming business (October-December is probably mu busiest time sales-wise) and so it is starting to look a little bare! I have been chugging along on this rather complicated tailoring project for the last few weeks (I had a big nasty flu somewhere in there, which sapped my will to live let alone to sew for a while). But this week I finally put on the finishing touches and it is ready to meet the world!
This little wool jacket went through a mock-up stage before the final product was actually underway, to assess how I liked the fit and style, which direction I wanted to put the pleats in, how long the hemlines should be, and that sort of thing. The fabric is a lovely blue and white herringbone shot with multi-colored threads ( I used a brown version of the same fabric for the "Irene" capelet a while back) and it is lined in a blue lining fabric that I had in my stash leftover from my big final project in couture sewing class when I was in college (ooh, about 10 years ago, now). That project caused so many tears on the day it was due, as while I was giving it a final press before turning it in the iron melted one of it's long sheer organza sleeves! Ugh! I am still heartbroken!