Friday, September 28, 2012

Seamstress for the Band

There is a bit of a ballerina in my soul, so I totally fell in love with these shoes as soon as I saw them on Pinterest:
The problem? They are $450! For ballet flats! Dudes! I am a connoisseur of stupidly expensive shoes, and even I think that is just plain ridiculous. There are a lot of knock-offs right now. I guess they are trendy:

but the black ones are always out of stock (or STILL too freakin' expensive) or don't come in my size, anyway. There are some that are cheaper! And some that I can get in my size... but they are SUPER UGLY. This, my friends, is what we used to call (back in my day, sonny) OOGLAY.

So I threw my hands up in disgust and just went out and bought a yard of elastic and some cheap flats at Ross. A couple of days worth of gluing and clamping and here they are. I think they came out pretty cute!
Check it out: