Friday, August 13, 2010

Autumn already?

Amy scallop skirt
Originally uploaded by I Will Fly design
I don't know about you, but I was flabbergasted to realize that it's the middle of August, already. Where does the Summer go?
Everyone is turning their thoughts to Autumn fashions and Fall styles and I feel like I haven't even gotten started on Summer stuff, yet!
Luckily for me, this cute little number is pretty appropriate for the changing seasons (or is when you throw on a cardigan, anyway. I should mention that it was REALLY hot when I took these pictures! That's why I'm not ready for Fall yet, because it's still air conditioner weather!)
I promised myself that it wouldn't take me a whole month to post another item to the Etsy shop, and I succeeded but only *just*! To be fair to myself, the skirt has been completed for almost a whole week, but I wanted to make a quick petticoat to go under it for the photo shoot. And *then* I had to wait until I had a moment free in the afternoon in which I could take pictures! That's always the tricky part, especially when you're working multiple jobs and have a sick husband in the house (he's better now!)
This skirt is a variation of an "infinite gore" style. The scallops were inspired by a photograph from the 1950's I saw on-line and then I changed things up by turning the side panels in to big, deep pockets. Skirts never seem to have pockets and even pants have pockets that are just too small! So, this is my solution to the problem.
The fabrics were chosen quite simply: they are what I already had on hand! In this age of cutting back and reducing/reusing I decided that I needed to use up some of my "stash" of fabrics before buying more. You may recognize the striped fabric in the scallops as left over from the apron in this skirt:
The petticoat (which you can see here: ) was made from silk habotai that was once again hand dyed by my fabulous mother, Hilary. I enjoy the challenge of creating something from fabrics that I may not have chosen otherwise and I'm pleased as punch by the results of these sewing experiments.