Saturday, January 29, 2011

Let them eat cake

Man, you know times are stressful when my new items drop to one per two month span. Uck.
Anyway, here is the latest greatest project. The fabric this is made from is probably the most amazing stuff I have ever worked with. The peach and blue stripes are each woven from a collection of much smaller stripes in alternating deep and light tones. The floral design is also jacquard woven in to the piece in delicate white and dove-gray thread. The background is entirely finished with a moire texture, which is that slightly wood-grained look that you see on fabric sometimes. I have had this stuff in my collection for many years, waiting for appropriate projects. I made a pair of cuffs with it a couple of years ago but this vest has officially used it all up, I'm afraid. I wish I had better photos of it, but it's terribly foggy today and will be raining tomorrow (and I had a rough morning so going out in the back yard was about as much modeling as I was up for!)
The vest is made on the same pattern as the Madame Adora circus-themed vest that sold over the Summer. I liked how it turned out well enough that I am planning some more interesting variations in the future. Next up: a steampunk-esque explorer-inspired version.