Saturday, May 31, 2008

park your trailor next to mine

chelsea headband
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"slap your knees and drink your wine,
park your trailor next to mine.
They say we know how to have a good time
(and they say right!)
they may whistle when you bend over,
but I'm the only one coming over
so boys, keep your nickels and your dimes"
-"Chelsea" Agent Ribbons

I'm having a lot of fun making headbands from dupioni and ribbons and bits and bobs. They are quick, easy little projects that have a lot of room for embellishment, which is the fun part.
I've also been experimenting with making my own fringe by carefully removing the warp threads from fabric. It takes about forever, but the result is pretty neat. Check out the result on this headband, and on the chemise top that will be posted later in the week.

Monday, May 26, 2008

the pengin and the bobby-soxer

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As you can see, though I haven't listed a garment in a while, I have in fact been making them. This skirt will soon be a custom-sized listing in my Etsy shop (because the Sailing to Heaven blouse was a roaring success). But it'll have to wait until I replace my sewing machine (hopefully next week) because gathering the ruffle on this prototype skirt cost me six machine needles.
Anyhow, I love the way the skirt turned out, it's kicky and fun, and very reminiscent of bobby-soxers. I wore it to the zoo today so we could look at some penguins. Peeeeeenguiiiiiiins.
They were awfully cute.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

so much time so little to do

emily headband
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No, strike that, reverse it...

I have new items to list, and one of them will be a custom listing, but my sewing machine has taken a serious turn for the worse and I think I'll need to wait until it's been replaced to post anything that will require serious sewing.
So for now I am making pretty fabric headbands from silk dupioni, chokers with beaded fringes, and finishing up the navy cuffs I began many many moons ago.
I also have this whole next weekend off of work. I am pretty danged excited, as two days in a row off is very rare, and three whole days off.... well it just never happens! We'll see what I can make and do in that time!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

bling bling

When I made those rhinestone hair clips recently it reminded me of that poor old brooch of my great grandmother's that was missing stones. So I searched around a bit and found some that were the right size and color, though cut a bit differently. Here is the final product after it's repair, one green stone was replaced as well as one clear stone. It's easy to tell which one is the new stone is this picture just because the light reflects off it a bit differently, but in real life it's a pretty dang close match and I am pretty proud of myself for this little bit of reclamation.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

bloop bloop bloop

Alison chemise top
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Here is the latest and greatest!
This was another one of those projects that just would NOT get going properly. A tiny gltch in one step would send the entire thing in a new direction, starting with the fact that the satin I originally bought to make it from shredded in the washer! So, I had to go buy a new fabric for it, and that was only one of many many mishaps along the path to a completed project.
Maybe I am being too honest.
Anyhow, it is finally complete. I was just noticing that my next project is also black and white, and the next items in the shop up for renewal are black or black and grey. So, say farewell to colors for a while!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

gone, gone, the girl in brocade.

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Here is a shot of the latest treasury Geodiva created on Etsy.
When I was making my wedding gown I bought all that was left on the store's roll of grey silk charmeuse. After carefully cutting it out I was left with only a two inch tall strip of fabric! Whew! Many moons later I took that strip, pleated it by hand, added a sweet burgundy and white trim, and created this collar.
I called it Beatrice after Lemony Snickett's long lost beloved, and tagged it VFD, making it officially the nerdiest thing on etsy. I <3 Lemony.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

"Lenora" corset

"Lenora" corset
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The store has been pretty dormant listing-wise the past week or so. But I haven't been idle.
Here is my latest corset, the first made exclusively for my Etsy shop (and the first thing I have ever put an I Will Fly label into!). It'll be posted today.
I've also been "working" on another endless project. It sounded simple at the time of it's design, but it's gone from a simple idea I've made over and over again to an ORDEAL that never seems to get it's feet off the ground. Anyhow, with the major kinks worked out it should also be up next week or the week after.