Sunday, September 25, 2011


Fall began on Friday, and this little Autumnal jumpsuit has been waiting around for more than a week for photos to finally get taken. It's a steampunk-y take on a 70's style. I bought this fabric and all the zippers several months ago, right before leaving my fabric store job. I found these lovely vintage brass stampings of flight wings on Etsy, and used industrial strength glue to attach them to pin backings so they can be removed from the jumpsuit.
The brown twill fabric this is made from is a poly/lycra blend. Not what I would have chosen if I had another option, but the color was the very best I could find. Anyhow, the stretchiness of the fabric made putting in the zippers and attaching the pockets something of a time consuming battle. A lot of stabilizer had to be deployed.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Saying So Long to Summer With Stripes

Sailor Shoes!
Originally uploaded by I Will Fly design
See what I did there?
My world has been all about stripes for the last week, though admittedly I am pretty fond of stripes all the time, anyway. For my first week of self employment I made a mod dress from custom printed striped fabric I designed on After a long hard week (not really so hard, to be honest. Working from home is pretty rad!) I came in to possession of a pair of plain fabric mary janes, so as a project for myself I painted them in sailor stripes and added red rhinestones in nautical designs.
I know, I know. Stripes and sailors are for Summer time and it is rapidly approaching Autumn. But it is 100* here today and I never got a chance to do any fun Summer sewing because I was working all the time at the theater! In any case, September is when we take our annual vacation to the seaside, so I am feeling the urge for sea-faring clothes!