Saturday, May 16, 2009

Finished... OMG

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You remember how I said that sometimes projects just seem to go on FOREVER? This was one of those.
My original design couldn't actually be realized with the single yard of Alencon bridal lace that I found as a remnant in a fabric shop, so Changes Had To Be Made.
For a long time I really struggled with not liking this corset and how it was turning out, but I think, now that I have the finished piece in my hands I actually do like it and think it's much cuter than I had anticipated. I ended up beading the front lace panel in tiny faux pearls and lacing the back with a wide pink satin ribbon, and those little touches, I feel, add a lot to the final piece. A lot of the other issues I had with it were resolved through trial and error and endless revisions. It's hard to tell in the pictures, but the lace curves very gently downward at the bottom edge, to soften the line and give it a more figure-flattering look. That was done by hand in a super secret way that only fashion designers know (in other words, I made it up).
The seaming on this style is slightly different than most of my cinchers, and the cut is slightly longer in the hip as well. I worked both of those ideas out with the interfacing fabric before the fashion fabric (the black satin and lace) was cut.
Anyhow, another Endless Project is done, and I am so happy! (I would also like to point out the lovely pearl choker I am wearing in these photographs. It was custom made for me by Etsy's TinyStorm, who was sweet and lovely to work with and created a quality piece that I am sure I will cherish for years to come. Check her out here: )

Monday, May 4, 2009

Long time passing...

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I haven't posted (or listed!) anything in what seems like ages!
I have been busy trying to clean house for guests and getting myself and my husband ready for his little sister's wedding.
I've also been taking motorcycle lessons (yep, almost there! I am going to buy a scooter now! Exciting!), and working at the fabric shop a little more than I would like to.
I am sewing, though, I promise! I am working on a corset right now that has become one of those never-ending projects. It just never stops! At a certain point I'm just going to have to call it good and stop messing with it!
Anyhow, I had planned on posting this cute yellow top that I made several months back but couldn't find it anywhere. I was afraid that maybe I had thrown it away on accident. Yesterday, though, when I was getting my dress shoes out of the closet for the wedding I found it! It had just fallen off it's hanger and dropped onto my shoe boxes. Of course, I had searched the closet time and again for it, I just never looked down!